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Our job is to make the home loan process as simple and clearly understood as possible.

We can and will:

  • Conduct an interview and filter loans from a wide range of lenders to find a loan to suit your needs;
  • Detail the loan proposed to you; and
  • Assist with completing the application and request that you sign privacy documents.

There are 8 steps to settlement once your application has been lodged with the appropriate lender:

  • We will encourage the lender for a prompt decision;
  • An independent valuation is often required (particularly with re-finance). If a valuation is ordered, the valuer may need to contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit the property;
  • We will contact you regarding any follow-up requirements and inform you when your loan is approved;
  • A formal letter of offer will be sent to you by the lender;
  • Once the lender has received your acceptance, your mortgage documents will be prepared. These will usually be ready to sign within two weeks of loan approval, depending on the lender;
  • Where we can, we will assist you in completing these documents and help in getting them back to the lender promptly;
  • The selected lender or settlement agent will then arrange a settlement date;
  • You will be advised once your loan has settled.