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At Power Tynan we recognise that running a business can be demanding.  Often we get caught up in the running of the business and forget to ensure that the "Big Picture" things are being considered.  You know, things like am I making enough profit, or how do I get good staff, or even how am I going to get out of this business.

Our Business Advisory Solutions team, have the skills and experience to help your business.  No matter what the issues may be.

Is this happening to you?:

  • Spending too much time working in and not on the business?
  • Struggling to attract, retain and motivate staff?
  • Generational successors are not interested?
  • No clear direction for your business?
  • Unaware of your business value and value needed at sale?
  • Work/life balance is “out of wak”?

How we are able to help:

  • We can provide expert valuations of businesses, from an independent perspective. These may be required in a number of situations, including:
    • Restructuring entities
    • Business purchase or sale
    • New ownership buy-in
    • Succession planning
    • Estate planning
    • Employee share ownership plans
    • Shareholder or partnership disputes
    • To support applications for finance
    • Family law situations eg. divorce/property settlements
  • Strategies to protect, grow and realise business value
  • Succession planning
  • Management Succession – focuses on who will run the business, what changes will occur, when will the new manager be accountable for results and how the results will be realised
  • Ownership Succession – focuses on who will own the business, when and how that will happen
  • Succession planning that gives you greater choices at the time of sale or transition or retirement
  • Staffing strategies to help you to recruit, retain and motivate staff.