Earlier this year, the Power Tynan Charitable Trust pledged $1,500 to the Lachlan Hughes Foundation, and we finally got to have this presentation!

Lachlan Hughes was tragically lost in an on-farm accident in October 2018. He had a passion for regenerative agriculture and educating young people about rebuilding our soils, and believed that it is possible to rebuild our soils and increase their sustainable productive capacity to withstand the variables of rainfall, and that this in turn would revitalise our rural communities and improve the economic sustainability of the industry.

His parents Philip and Adele, his wife Anna and their children, together with his younger brother Alister and his wife Jules intend to carry on Lachlan’s dreams. The initial goal of the Lachlan Hughes Foundation is to continue to develop his vision by linking land managers with regenerative agriculture professionals with a scholarship and mentoring program.

For further information regarding the Lachlan Hughes Foundation, or to donate to this wonderful initiative, please visit https://www.lachlanhughesfoundation.org.au/