Granite Belt Support Services (GBSS) is a unique provider of disability services in the Stanthorpe area. This organisation does an amazing job with the work and support it offers to its clients and their families within our community.

The numerous programs offered by GBSS are instrumental in promoting the skills, capabilities and self-confidence of people with a disability, and provide opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

Nine years ago, GBSS started a Speakers Social Club to assist people with disabilities to improve their self-confidence, communication, speaking in public, self-esteem, self-advocacy and feeling part of the community - something which we take for granted.

Between 80 - 100 people from both the Stanthorpe and Warwick districts attend a monthly event, however to keep these evenings going, GBSS have to fundraise as there are now limited opportunities for grants since the rollout of the NDIS. To support this fantastic initiative, the Power Tynan Charitable Trust donated $1,500.

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