Change, its impact and new roles at PT

Change is a given in this world, and we all have to learn to live in this new world of constant change.  In the coming months, you will see some slight changes in Power Tynan with Paul Hilton, our long time CEO, moving into the Chairman role at Power Tynan and myself taking on the CEO role.

I am truly blessed to have worked very closely with Paul for a number of years to learn from his amazing knowledge and skillsets, and even more blessed that he is only moving from one role to another in our firm.  It would leave a huge gap at Power Tynan if he wasn’t around with his abilities, personality, knowledge and experience, so with some great planning we have managed to have a well thought out plan for what our future will be and how to make it work for everyone involved.

Taking on the reins as CEO of the Power Tynan group is quite daunting, however we have had years of planning, including external coaches and consultants to work through the process with everyone at Power Tynan to ensure this transition happens seamlessly.  We have learnt from others in terms of what went well and what to look out for.  The planning that has gone into this has been enormous and I would personally like to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey, both for myself in transitioning into the role and Paul transitioning into the Chairman role.  I feel confident that this is a role I am ready for, which would not have been possible without all of the help and support I have received.

What I have learnt recently while transitioning into this new role is invaluable, and I would like to pass it on to you, as it can assist in a number of ways:


We are now living in a fast paced, constantly changing economy that is no longer just black and white. You are not necessarily 100% right or wrong, competition and innovation are coming from places you may not have even looked at as a threat in the past.  If you don’t plan well or keep an eye on the business landscape we are living in, you may be surprised and not always pleasantly so! You need to plan to ensure your business is nimble enough to spot opportunities and grasp them as they are presented to you.


Make sure you communicate with all relevant parties, clients/customers, investors, your team, and any stakeholder in your business - explain what the change will mean for them.


Don’t go it alone.  The world can seem a daunting place if you feel you are floating in the ocean and there is nobody around to help you.  Seek external consult, they can help you see your blindspots or offer a different perspective.  Any sort of transition or succession needs this outside voice - someone who understands your business and the dynamics of the people involved.

These new roles will take place from 1st January 2018, and I look forward to working with many of you who already know me but also many of you who I am yet to meet.  I hope to get around and meet as many of you as I can, but please feel free to contact me - I’m always available for a catch up!