At Power Tynan, we are no different to all other businesses - we continually evolve, and as part of this my role is changing come 1st January 2018.

I will be stepping aside as CEO and will take up the position as Chairman of the Power Tynan Board. We have been operating as a corporate structure for many years and feel it is time to formally appoint a Chairman to Power Tynan.

This will allow Amanda Kenafake to take over as CEO and put her personal influence on the daily operations of Power Tynan. This decision and the planning has been ongoing for quite a while and we have decided the time is right.

Amanda has great passion for Power Tynan and will continue to grow the services and offerings for our valued clients. I wish her well in her new role.

What this will mean for me is not being involved in the day to day operations of Power Tynan, and my daily client engagement will scale back to a more strategic and special projects focus.

My equity will remain and I will be guiding Power Tynan from a different level, which will be a great challenge for me and one I am looking forward to.

I would like to thank every client of Power Tynan for their continued support and look forward to catching up when we cross paths in our offices.