In March, the Power Tynan Charitable Trust donated $2,500 to Granite Belt Support Services, with the money contributing towards the charity’s campaign to purchase a swimming pool hoist for the Stanthorpe War Memorial Pool. 

The new pool hoist will allow the elderly, people with a disability, or people who may be recovering from surgery or illness, to access and enjoy the pool like able-bodied people. Our donation took the campaign funds above their initial goal of $20,000, topping up the kitty consisting of $8,325 raised by the pool’s swimathon, $5,000 from the Lions Club, as well as approximately $6,000 from St Joseph’s School swimathon.

The hoist, which has been a focus for Granite Belt Support Servicessince 2012, will be placed on the charity’s asset register bound to a service agreement, ensuring that the lift remains a community facility.

The hoist itself will cost $15,000 from Brisbane, with the additional funds contributing to maintenance costs as well as the installation of a ramp at the edge of the pool.














Above: Life member of the Stanthorpe War Memorial Pool Peter Jensen, current lessee Michael Smail and Granite Belt Support Services Day & Respite Service manager Therese Crisp accept the $2,500 cheque from Stanthorpe Power Tynan representatives Gilda Brisotto, Amanda Kenafake and Judy Chapman.

Photo contributed by Stanthorpe Border Post