Sarah Pearce

Sarah Pearce of our Stanthorpe office recently celebrated five years with Power Tynan.

  1. Date and Place of Birth
    14th August in Toowoomba
  2. Education
    I attended St Joseph’s Stanthorpe from Pre-School until Grade 7 and then went onto Stanthorpe State High School where I completed Grade 12 in 2003. I then moved to Brisbane in 2004 and completed a Diploma in Hospitality Management (and have not done anything with hospitality since!)
  3. Hobbies and Interests
    I love cooking, listening to live music, going on drives around the place with the family and going to the park with my daughter, Hannah. I also love Christmas so I am a bit of a Christmas light nut!
  4. When did you start working at Power Tynan?
    I started working at Power Tynan on 12th October 2009 and was married on 31st October which meant I worked only two weeks before heading off on my honeymoon. I was lucky that Gilda and Amanda were very understanding and let me have the time off!
  5. Why did you apply for a job at Power Tynan?
    I was working at a newsagency when a member of the Power Tynan staff whom I knew told me of a position that had become available. I knew a few of the staff at Power Tynan and thought it would be a great place to work, so I applied and was lucky enough to get the job!
  6. Why do you enjoy working at Power Tynan?
    I love my work and everyone is great to work with! It a lot it easier to get out of bed and come to work when you have a happy workplace to go to!