There are three things in life that are certainties - death, taxes and change. As some of you would be aware, Power Tynan has gone through some quite major changes in the past month or so - the move of our Toowoomba office to our new premises at 618 Ruthven Street and our merger with Calibre Accounting. We know that a big part of creating successful change is making sure we effectively manage our people and their reactions to change; when they feel uncomfortable, we need to find ways to help them through that stage so they can then embrace it.

Often when people talk about the prospect of change, they focus predominantly on the external factors, such as how much the change is going to cost. However there are many internal factors associated with change that must also be considered - that is, how people will feel and what they will think about in relation to the change that is going on, as well as how they will react.

There are many different ways to create change but the first thing you need to understand and recognise is that your people are the key to making it happen successfully.

One of the key actions you need to take in times of change is to ‘communicate and communicate,’ and in case you are unsure of what else to do, I would suggest that you continue to communicate.

To help us embrace the changes that we have made and are in the process of making, we have been working with SeeChange, who are change management consultants. They have given us practical tools and strategies that have helped our people deal with the changes we are going through. We have improved our relationships with one another, as well as with you, our clients. The tools have also helped us to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, to develop a more consistent approach as a company, and to increase our cohesion as a team so people are clear about our direction and what needs to be done to get there.

Overall this has been a very successful process which has helped us to embrace change and enjoy the opportunities it has brought us now, and will continue to bring us in the future.

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