The festive season is upon us and for me it is all about balance. Trying to meet deadlines, making appearances at the various Christmas functions, keeping up with the kids’ schooling and sporting commitments, as well as making sure thought goes into buying Christmas presents (apparently vouchers just don’t cut it in our household).

Christmas gives an opportunity not only to reflect on the year that has passed but to create those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. If we look at the year in review, we have seen three different Prime Ministers, two birds winning our major football codes (Roosters and Hawks), we lost the Ashes in England (but now we have won the First Test), struggled to win a Rugby Test, and have seen Adam Scott unleashed on the golfing world, with a win in a major. The financial markets have firmed and investors finally have something to smile about. The tide in our office is turning with the balance of power on the comedy stakes leaning back to the financial services. The popularity in financial services has increased and once again we can tease our accounting comrades.

Next year will be an exciting year for our firm with the Toowoomba office relocating to new premises in April. This creates plenty of challenges for those involved, such as choosing colours, layouts and trying to meet everyone’s expectations. For the first time in Toowoomba, it will allow all our service areas to operate on the one level. This should allow for better communication in the office (which also means we can throw stuff at each other!!).

This coming year we will face new challenges, in business we have to be able to adapt to the short term challenges without losing our long term focus. These holidays should give you a chance to take a breath, reflect on what experiences we can learn from and set goals for the New Year.

On the behalf of all the staff and Directors at Power Tynan, I wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas.